We are a gathering of people whose primary culture is American and language is English of the Korean Presbyterian Church of Columbus.  Don't worry about the "Korean" in our registered church name.  While we honor and respect our Korean church history, we know we are called to work with whomever comes to us.  We welcome anyone whose primary language is English...actually, we invite you regardless of what language you speak!  But we do worship and work in English.

Some quick facts about us: 

  1. Our church welcome all shapes, colors, orientations, types, and sizes. It's not easy desiring to be for everyone, but we strive to be this type of safe place.

  2. Currently, we have one English language service at 10AM. No need to sign-up, or register beforehand. Just come, sing, listen, pray, rest, and see.

  3. If you're able to stick around, we serve traditional Korean dishes for lunch after the 11:15AM Korean language service - around 12:30/40PM.

  4. Our church has been around since October of 1991 (Nirvana's album "Nevermind" was the #1 album that year to give you an idea). However, the English Speaking Ministry is still in the developing stages.

  5. We are associated with the PC(USA) denomination (for more info, please go to www.pcusa.org)

Church Vision

Even though "Korean" (“K” of “KPCC”) is in our registered church name, we welcome all who want to participate in our work to love Columbus by literally feeding its people. Our sense of community flows from this.

Faith that Acts.  Faith that gets your nails dirty.  Faith that makes you sweat and work for the other's benefit.  This is type of worship we are after.  Not just some weird hope that our members do the above out of their devotion to God, but built into your membership.  We're going to ask you to pull your weight.  Our city has a lot of people who need people willing to work for them. 

If this sounds attractive to you, please check us out.  We welcome all with open arms, but once you decide to belong, we're going to ask you to literally feed people with us.

The best way to get to know us is to come visit!  Or we'd love to buy you a cup of coffee or tea or food!  Just fill out the contact form on the homepage.  Pastor Steve Hong will get a hold of you.  We are currently in a season of developing, growing, sprouting so it'd be great for you to join us as we figure out what God has in store for this community of Jesus followers!