Even though "Korean" (“K” of “KPCC”) is in our registered church name, we welcome all who want to participate in our work to love Columbus by literally feeding its people. Our sense of community flows from this.

Faith that Acts.  Faith that gets your nails dirty.  Faith that makes you sweat and work for the other's benefit.  This is the type of worship we are after.  Not just some weird hope that our members do the above out of their devotion to God, but built into your membership.  We're going to ask you to pull your weight.  Our city has a lot of people who need people willing to work for them. 

If this sounds attractive to you, please check us out.  We welcome all with open arms, but once you decide to belong, we're going to ask you to literally feed people with us.


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Plan on visiting? 😆 Feel free to let us know ahead of time! 

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Korean Presbyterian Church of Columbus (9480 S. Old State Rd., Lewis Center, OH 43035) - 614.433.7155 (office) or 858.382.6258 (Pastor Steve Hong's #) - kpccohem@kpccohem.org or davyhong07@gmail.com (Pastor Steve Hong's Email)

SERVICE TIME: Sundays@10AM (Main Sanctuary)