Inspired by pastor Dave Gibbons' book of the same name, and pulling inspiration from 1 Kings 18:44: “Oh yes, a cloud! But very small, no bigger than someone’s hand, rising out of the sea”, we are SMALL CLOUD!  This small cloud in 1 Kings 18 would develop into a system that poured rain during a great famine.  This small cloud was sent by God to help bring harvest to the community.  We strive to do the same. 


  1. Sunday worship at 10AM to 11AM + Small Cloud Bible Study 11:40AM to 12:20PM - Main Sanctuary (this is a service for anyone 6th grade and older.  We have 6th graders to Professors of Old Testament who attend). For Small Cloud Bible Study, based on the sermon given, these studies will take your youth step-by-step into understanding the Bible w/dedicated and caring adults.
  2. Saturday Gathering - we meet every other Saturday at church - 5PM to 7PM.  This is a time for fellowship and fun. We will also mix in lunch prep, if the youth are assigned to cook for the church on Sunday and planning for various ministries.


Our Small Cloud (6th to 12th grade) train, practice, decide, and commit to be this blessing.  We work hard.  If your youth decides to join us, we will expect him or her to train, practice, decide, and commit  to work hard with us to LITERALLY FEED PEOPLE.  This takes time and effort.  Your son or daughter will have data of their spiritual growth.  How many people did we literally feed this month?

  • Past works of SMALL CLOUD: 
    • Helped Broad Street Food Pantry with their service (Summers of 2017-2018).
    • Helped establish and build a church garden in spring of 2018 - (as of September 2018, we've grown and given 40 organic, healthy, large-ziplock bags of kale - SEE TITLE PICTURE ABOVE)   We hope to increase production in the season of 2019.  
    • We cook for 100+ people once a month for our church's Sunday lunch. 
  • Future blessings in the works: 
    • Partner with Common Ground Free Store to feed their clients. 
    • Partner with Mid-Ohio Food Bank to offer produce-giveaways for the poor, and working poor in our community.
    • Establish a 501 (c)(3) organization to raise money for the least of us.  This is one ministry we are REALLY excited about.

If your youth is interested in joining us, please email pastor Steve Hong at or shoot him a text or call at 858-382-6258.