Theology/Core Values

We believe K-5th human beings are not the “future of the church.” We believe they are the church NOW.

Jesus served - so we teach our kids to serve.

We believe that it doesn't matter how young someone is.  Everyone can serve.  Everyone can make sure their neighbor is okay.  Our teachings lead to a call to action that is doable and suitable for their age.  

Example "call to actions":

  • Making art that blesses the whole community/church (see above!)

  • Maintaining their own assigned garden box to donate to food pantries, or one of own members of Food Church.

  • Handing our flowers to church members to bring some beauty to their Sunday worship experience.

  • From 11:15AM to noon, your kids will experience WORSHIP (Loving God) - singing, dancing, praise, sermon, prayer.

  • Noon to 12:30PM, your kids will experience an activity that helps OTHERS (for example, writing a letter to an impoverished child in Haiti, making snacks for the adult members of our church, decorating bags filled with snacks for the nurses of OSU Wexner hospital, etc.) OR activities that remind your child how much God loves THEM!

We Want to Help Parent’s Review What their Children Learned on Sunday During the Week!

Dear Parents,

Please Watch this video with your children: (video link…)

Questions you can ask your children: (list of questions)…

Suggestions for activities or action: (list of suggestions)

Service Information

Location: Children's Chapel (located in the second floor of the Fellowship Hall, which is the second building behind the main building - first door on your right as you enter, up the stairs)

Time: 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM